Akwa (Pometia Pinnata)

Other Names: Malugai, Kasai, Sibu, Ako Dawa, Tava, Matoa, Taun, Pometia

Country of Origin: Philippines, Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, Western Samoa

Janka Hardness: 700

Shrinkage: Medium Durability:

Moderately durable General Description: Taun heartwood varies in color from pink to reddish-brown, darkening with age. Sapwood is a pale, pinkish buff, not always visually distinct from the true wood. The grain of Taun timber is straight, with occasional interlocking, and of moderately coarse texture.

Working Properties: The timber saws and turns easily with only a moderate blunting effect on cutting edges. It is readily bored and holds nails and screws well, can be satisfactorily bonded using standard gluing procedures, takes paints and stains well, and can be polished to a smooth, high finish.

Mechanical Properties: Taun is considered a tough timber with high bending and crushing strengths. Main Uses: Suitable for general construction, lining, paneling, joinery, cabinetwork, outdoor furniture, carving, turnery, and veneers.