As a manufacturer and distributor of wood products, Resources Fiji LLC has a vested interest in nurturing a healthy environment in which trees can grow and thrive. Our future – as people and as a company – depends on it. Throughout our history, we’ve worked to protect and safeguard our natural resources as best as we can.

We distribute a variety of wood products worldwide, and we’re proud of that – because wood is renewable, sustainable, recyclable, durable and biodegradable. It also typically requires less energy to work with than most other raw materials. Doesn’t get much better than that.

We have strict policies and practices to make sure that the lumber we harvest, mill, and buy is harvested responsibly from a legal source. We have developed rigorous standards to ensure that forests are harvested responsibly.

We minimize waste by using every part of every log and all grades of lumber, minimizing waste, to manufacture our products. Our wide range of products and end markets allow us to do this.
We do our part in protecting our planted; 90% of the timbers we mill and supply are harvested from a sustainable source, and 10% are salvaged from cyclone-damaged forests, keeping our forests strong and healthy.