Fiber Products

Resources Fiji continues to seek new and innovative methods to utilize 100% of its forest resource. During each sawing and milling operation, state-of-the-art technology, machinery, and skilled operators yield the maximum wood fiber from the logs or lumber. Chips, bark, shavings, and sawdust are the by-products that are produced from lumber and millwork manufacturing. Today, 100% of the wood fiber coming from the forest is used in one form or another to provide products for consumers.
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Below is a list of fiber products produced at our mills, where they come from, and how consumers utilize them each day.

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Product Source Use
Bark Debarker Deco Bark, Soil Amendments, Hog Fuel
Chips Sawmill/Planer Pulp, MDF, Particle Board, Landscaping, Hog Fuel, Playground
Sawdust Sawmill/Planer MDF, Particle Board, Landscape, Plant mixes, Soil Amendments
Shavings Planer Animal Bedding, MDF, Particle Board
Hogwood Trim saws/Log Yard MDF, Particle Board, Hog Fuel
Hog Fuel Hog/Log Yard Hog Fuel to produce electricity

  • Domestic :
    California Walnut
    California Almond
  • Imported:
    Caribbean Pine