Everything is produced right here in California, so we’re able to get it built and delivered efficiently. We offer direct shop pickup and delivery services; we also ship across the country. Online consultation are available for design and custom build projects, you do not have to come to our office to build your custom project that truly matches your home or business, style and vibes.

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Our Experience and knowledge of tables designs and custom build woodworking started in West Oakland, California through an after school academy program established by Bishop Calvin Davis SR in the 70s and taught to us by Bishop Leslie Edwards. After years perfecting knowledge of different wood species and their unique beauty, strengths, uses, color variations, grain pattern, texture, and our woodworking craft, we decided it was time to open our shop to offer superior quality custom tables and woodworking projects to share the craft that was offered to us.  

Our commitment to excellence and elegance in craftsmanship and focus on getting every detail right is what make us standout in the industry. When you visit us, your entire experience is geared towards getting your customized furniture crafted and designed exactly as you imagine it, in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


Resources Fiji offer 20 different sustainable and urban salvaged woods species sourced right here in California and around the world, beautiful wood species of different colors and grain patterns, to choose from. Our custom wood formats are from 1/4, through 16/4, lengths upto 22ft long, and can process upto 35ft long, width upto 80 inches wide. We also offer an exclusive selection of veneer and custom plywoods options, that’s hard-to-find and are available in many cuts and figure types, from flat, quarter, rift and rotary cuts all graded to your specifications. If you have another species, you’re looking for that is not available in our stock, contact us!  We can quickly and easily source the material for you.

We’re always happy to answer questions about the possibilities of each custom design. And you will find that our standards will always meet or exceed your expectations. Come join us today, and we will go out of our way to make sure you are happy.