Poles and Pilings

Resources Fiji is a manufacturer of untreated Caribbean Pine and Fijian Mahogany poles and piling. Logs chosen for poles are pre-selected from the highest quality, small log timber available. Limits are placed on knot size, taper, and sweep. Poles are free from decay and bug holes.
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Marine Piling
Resources Fiji has over 10,000 Marine Piling in stock. We have sizes available from a 5” top to a 30” butt and lengths to 65’. All our marine pilings are generally graded in accordance with ASTM D25 and are treated. Special lengths and are available upon request.

Land &Fresh Water Foundation Piling
With a wide range of diameters and lengths available, no project can be too large for
Resources Fiji. With a large stock of product available in our Fiji location we can respond
the project needs within reasonable time. Foundation poles can be treated to engineer’s
particular specifications..

Utility Poles
Poles are Caribbean Pine and graded in accordance with ANSI 05.1, and treated to
engineer’s particular specifications.

Class 1       75’   80’
Class 2       35’,   40’,   45’,   50’,   55’,   60’,   65’,   70’   80’
Class 3       35’,   40’,   45’,   50’,   55’,   60’,   65’   70’
Class 4       30’,   35’,   40’,   45’   50’
Class 5       30’,   35’,   40’   45’            
Class 6 & 7      25’

Fence Posts & Barn Poles
Fence Posts should typically be measured from the smaller end in order to ensure proper
sizing. All fence posts are treated to engineer’s particular specifications.
Fence posts are available in sizes from 3″ to 6″ top and lengths of 6-1/2′ to 8′.  Barn poles
are available in 4″ to 6″ top and in lengths of 10′ to 25′.

Minimum order volume 5-20’ containers