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We look forward to supplying you with Genuine Fiji Mahogany and Oceania’s finest tropical & exotic timber.
Our Order Process begins as we consult with you to obtain your specifications, order volume and due date. Next, we prepare your Purchase Order Contract, which is valid for thirty (30) days. Most orders require a minimum deposit, and all PO Contracts include a Contract Processing Fee. The Contract Processing Fee is included in the total amount due, unless the PO is not confirmed with a deposit payment within thirty (30) days. If the PO Contract expires, the Contract Processing Fee becomes due and payable on Day 31.

 Processing Times

Resources Fiji LLC will begin processing your order within ten (10) business days of receipt of the required minimum deposit payment.
Installment Payment option Purchase Orders are processed in April, June & September only.

 Order Cancellation

In-Stock Orders

If you cancel an order for in-stock items in warehouse before processing has begun, we will restock it with no further charges

Custom Orders

If you cancel your order after processing has begun, the cancellation will be treated as a return with all applicable fees including a 20% restocking fee applied.

Orders which are refused at the point of delivery will be treated as an unauthorized return and assessed all of the applicable fees – including but not limited to restocking, shipping and other applicable fees.


All Purchase Orders for products not in stock in warehouse inventory require a 50% deposit.
Custom orders require a 50% deposit upon acceptance of Purchase Order contract and balance T/T due against original shipping documents.
Resources Fijji LLC offers flexible installment payments options for Purchase Order deposits. Installment payments are for minimum orders of 1-2 x 40″ containers (30-66 cubic meters)

Late Payments

Payment of the outstanding balance made after the due date will incur a fee as stated on your invoice and/or late notice.
Payments that are delinquent 30 days or more may incur legal action as duly necessary to recover monies owed plus damages.
LC orders on approval basis only


Ocean transit time from Oceania to is from 16-45 days. Original shipping documents are forwarded via DHL to the assigned buyer’s address.

 Freight Costs

Refer to your Sales Quote to determine whether or not freight costs are included in the purchase price. The buyer is responsible for freight costs once the order is in transit, even if cancelled.

 Will Call

Will-Call Orders may be collected at Resources Fiji LLC facilities by appointment during regular business hours.


Resources Fiji LLC may deliver either by it’s vehicles or LTL carrier companies, depending upon the size and destination of the order. Orders are typically FOB destination, however please refer to your Sales Order to confirm whether the order is FOB origin or FOB destination.


Acceptance of Delivery

Upon arrival of the material order via freight, note any claims of damage or defect on the original bill of lading.

Any claims of damaged material are to be documented with photographic proof. All claims must be submitted within 48 hours of delivery via email and telephone contact, along with the photos and the list of material claimed to be damaged or defective.

All orders delivered via freight will be unloaded by the customer accepting the delivery, to ensure all the delivered material is not damaged and is to the customer’s satisfaction.

If damaged material needs to be returned, it is the buyer’s sole responsibility for packaging and reloading of the material for return to Resources Fiji.

Returns & Refunds

Return Credit

Any return credit is subject to final approval by the authorized administrator at Resources Fiji LLC.

All credits will be subject to prior satisfaction of any and all past due balances.

The buyer is responsible for freight costs on any returned merchandise.

Returns on unopened accessories are subject to a 20% restocking fee.

Unauthorized Returns 

Product returns made without the express written consent of Resources Fiji LLC (including refused shipments without prior consent) constitute Unauthorized Returns. 

Unauthorized returns will incur additional charges including but not limited to: unloading charges, re-stock and storage fees, disposal fees, etc. 

Buyer accepts responsibility for the outbound and return freight charges and 20% restocking fee. 

Final Sale


Non-Refundable Service Charges 

Freight costs are non-refundable except in an instance of total loss. 

The buyer is responsible for freight costs once the order is in transit, even if canceled. 

The buyer is responsible for freight costs on any returned merchandise.  

 Installment payment options are non-refundable.

Licensing, permits, consulting and administrative services are non-refundable.

Non-Returnable Items

Custom Order Services performed including but not limited to milling, re-sawing, surfacing and pulling to specification are final and non-refundable. 

No returns will be accepted on unused or leftover product.