Common Name(s): Bella Rosa, Ven-Ven, Kaunghmu, Krabak, Mersawa

Scientific Name: Anisoptera Marginata Korth

Distribution: Southeast Asia and Oceania

Janka Hardness: 600

Color/Appearance: The heartwood is orangey yellow darkening to golden brown. Presence of whitish resin veins. It does not have clearly demarcated sapwood.

Grain/Texture: The grain is straight or interlocked and the texture is coarse. Grain is straight to interlocked. Texture is moderately coarse but even, with shallow to deeply interlocked and sometimes slightly spiral grain, with a moderate natural luster.

Workability: It is easy to work, but if the grain is interlocked sharp cutters are essential. Glues, nails, and finishes well.

Sustainability: Anisoptera is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but many species in the Anisoptera genus are on the IUCN Red List listed as vulnerable.

Common Uses: Glued laminated, Veneer for interior of plywood, Boxes and crates, Interior joinery, Molding, Turned goods, Flooring, Veneer for back or face of plywood, Formwork, Current furniture or furniture components, Interior paneling, Sliced veneer.