Common Name(s): Pacific Teak, White teak, Teak,

Scientific Name: Gmelina Vitiensis

Distribution: Fiji, Vanuatu

Janka Hardness: 950

Color/Appearance: Rosawa is a pale yellow brown color, teak like timber from Fiji.. Rosawa is a very stable timber.

Grain/Texture: The texture is fine with slightly interlocked grain

Workability: Sawdust may clog up sawteeth, and coated nails should be used because the wood has corrosive properties. The gluing properties are moderate due to a greasy surface. The heartwood is extremely difficult to treat with preservatives. It planes to a smooth finish and polishes well. Rotary peeling is easy even without pretreatment, and the veneers are easy to handle without a tendency to tear; they remain flat after drying. The gluing properties are reported as good. Gmelina is in general very stable in service.

Sustainability: This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is reported by the Red list as being a species of least concern.

Common Uses: Boat Building, Planking Interior And Exterior Cabin Work, Windows And Doorframe Sills, Pattern Making, Carving, Diving Boards, Decking, Veneer, Construction Lumber, Beams, Posts, , Exterior & Exterior Furniture, And Other Small Specialty Items.