Common Name(s): Sandalwood, Yasi, Yasi dina

Scientific Name: Santalum Yasi

Distribution: Fiji, Niue and Tonga, and recently been adopted as a plantation wood in wider production in places such as Western Australia and Vanuatu

Cultivation: Plantation Grown and wild

Janka Hardness: 1,880

Color/Appearance: Yellowish to dark reddish-brown as it ages

Grain/Texture: S Album generally has a straight grain, though it can be interlocked. fine-grained texture, medium to coarse with a good natural luster.

Workability: Sawdust may clog up saw teeth. The gluing properties are moderate due to a greasy surface. It planes to a smooth finish and polishes well.

Odor: Has a distinctive woody, smooth, exotic, creamy, and milky precious-deep wood scent

Sustainability: listed on the IUCN Red List as Endangered.

Common Uses: An essential oil is extracted from the heartwood. A high quality oil, it is used for cosmetics and perfumery, incense, and religious ceremonies. The heartwood is used as an incense grated wood is traditionally used to scent coconut oil. It has been used for making boxes, carvings, and small fancy articles. The wood is rarely used as a timber because of its high value as a source of an essential oil.